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Influencer Streaming Made Easy

A streaming solution for social marketers and influencers to create sponsored content.

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EZstream is a solution for social marketers to set up campaigns for influencers to create sponsored IRL content via live streams, stories, reels and more!

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EZ Studio. Create sponsored campaigns and share them with influencers

Key Features

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Stream Health. Ensure you have the best connection possible before and during the livestream


EZ Links. Use a single tap to insert a message with a link in the chat while live streaming

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EZ Reporting. Robust campaign reporting and analytics available on demand


Stream Anywhere. Easily stream to any social platform or custom endpoint

Dual Camera Phone

Dual Camera. Stream using both cameras simultaneously for better engagement

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EZ Studio

EZ Studio is preferred by agencies, social teams, and marketers to easily setup sponsored campaigns that can be shared with influencers using the EZ Stream app.

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Pricing & Features


  • EZ Studio administrator account
    • Create sponsored campaigns
    • Share campaigns with influencers
    • Campaign reporting & analytics
  • Access to the Premium app for your influencers
  • Quality+ streaming
  • Custom event setup
  • Recording of live streams

Pricing & Features

Individual Plans



Features Include:

  • Upload logos
  • Add sponsored content during live streams
  • Dual camera streaming
  • Stream health
  • Adjust bit rate & fps based on connection
  • Live chat alerts
  • Stream to Twitch, YouTube
  • Unlimited direct streaming




Everything in BASIC, plus:

  • Create scenes via EZ Studio
  • Customizable BRB screen
  • EZ Links for chat
  • Stream to a custom RTMP
  • Remove watermark



Everything in PRO, plus:

  • Multistream
  • Quality+ streaming
  • Remote control
  • Disconnect protection

Coming Soon!